The technology has evolved, and most of the devices have IP ratings attached to them. Smartphones, Apple watches, and various devices have different IP ratings that you ought to know and understand what they mean before buying them. IP rating on any device will guide you on which device you should settle for and precautions to take while using the device.

IP is an abbreviation of Ingress Protection, which is used to measure the protection level of an item against objects like dirt, sand and dust and Liquids. The rating of IP has two numbers which enable you to know the security standards of the device.

IP65 Waterproof Level
The IP ratings comprise of two numbers. The first ranges from 0 -6 which is used to measure the degree of protection of the device against solid objects such as debris, sand, dirt and dust. The zero (0) indicate that the device is not protected from hard items while six (6) states that the device is highly secured from the solid objects.
The second number ranges from 0 – 9 whereby zero (0), means that the device is not protected from liquids while; nine (9) indicate that the level of waterproof protection is high or so the device is waterproof.

In the case of IP65, the first number indicate an IP rating of six (6) which means the devices is solid tight and has no ingress of dust. The device is, therefore, suitable to use in places with a lot of dust, dirt or moving objects like debris. The second number has an IP rating of 5 means that it gets secured from water jetting from any angle.  It, therefore, mean IP65 is not waterproof, and it is not suitable to be submerged. It, therefore, means that IP65 is not recommended to go with it swimming or showering. The water will leak and eventually damage the device, which has no warranty for water damage.

The IP65 Lucent Vapor Proof Light Fixture is suitable for indoor settings and are water resistant, but not waterproof. When looking for devices suitable for swimming or deep diving, choose a device with a higher IP rating.

The IP65 characteristics
•    It has a complete protection from oil, dust and non-corrosive materials
•    It get protection against contact with enclosed items
•    It gets from water projection from a nozzle against enclosure coming from any direction.

When shopping for any IP65 LED device, it is crucial to understand its IP rating for these reasons;
1] The equipment will give you full assurance that it won’t fail even when exposed to dust, sand or any other moving objects.

2] That the item is suitable for humid conditions and it won’t get spoiled by water drops but not suitable for swimming or going with it to shower.

That said and done, you are now able to do your shopping with the knowledge of the importance of IP rating, its condition, and suitability. Choose your device wisely and be cautious not to use in ways it is not recommended.

What is IP65 Waterproofing?