Ace Square LED panel lights offer ideal commercial lighting solutions for offices, learning institutions, hospitals, supermarkets, exhibition halls, libraries, and showrooms. The clean, elegant design of these lights make them a perfect alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting.

The Ace Series is one of the top LED panel lights on the market. It uses the top-of-the-line Sanan LED clips which provide you with an impressive illumination of 100 Lumens per watt (also available in 130 Lumens per watt option). The Ace Series also contains an internal driver to prevent flickering.

One of the many things you will love about the Ace Series is its design. It comes with a high-quality 6063# aluminum mounted frame design which makes it very easy to install. The Ace Square panels do not have UV rays, lead, or mercury. These panels are an excellent, environmentally friendly, lighting solution for your commercial space.

Item # Power Dimensions CCT LEDs AC input
NSACE-24-60W 60W 602*1211*23.5 mm 4000K/5000K 312 100~277V
NSACE-24-50W 50W 602*1211*23.5 mm 4000K/5000K 260 100~277V
NSACE-24-40W 40K 602*602*23.5 mm 4000K/5000K 156 100~277V
NSACE-24-30W 30W 602*602*23.5 mm 4000K/5000K 156 100~277V
NSACE-12-40W 40W 302*1211*23.5 mm 4000K/5000K 260 100~277V
NSACE-12-30W 30W 302*1211*23.5 mm 4000K/5000K 260 100~277V