Introducing Pro T8 Tube Lights to your business could save you up to 90% in lighting energy costs. They are highly efficient, using 140 lumens per Watt. The more energy you can save, the lower is your electricity bill.

Pro-T8 Tube Lights have many noteworthy features. As our first product, going back to 2010, it is still our most popular for many reasons. It features high luminous efficacy that can satisfy all general lighting needs – lighting up your environment better than other standard bulbs. These tube lights are very easy to install and require very little maintenance, lasting 70,000 hours!

Pro-T8 Tube Lights have great stability against current variations and have excellent durability against shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. They are also compatible with magnetic ballasts that use only one single coil or electronic ballasts that use multiple induction coils.

Item # Power Dimensions CCT LEDs AC input
NST8-5-30W 30W 1500*26*26 mm 4000K/5000K/6000K 312 100~240V
NST8-5-25W 25W 1500*26*26 mm 4000K/5000K/6000K 286 100~240V
NST8-5-22W 22W 1500*26*26 mm 4000K/5000K/6000K 260 100~240V
NST8-4-20W 20W 1200*26*26 mm 4000K/5000K/6000K 234 100~240V
NST8-4-18W 18W 1200*26*26 mm 4000K/5000K/6000K 234 100~240V
NST8-2-10W 10W 600*26*26 mm 4000K/5000K/6000K 117 100~240V