Our Apex tubular light fixture is for use in parking garages, slaughterhouses, car washes, warehouses, etc. due to its unique cylinder design that accumulates less dust. If your business is operating in an environment of extreme temperatures or pressures, or an environment where production dust can be heavy, this kind of light is ideal.

The lamp angle is adjustable, waterproof with the IP68 rating, and can be 1,200 or 1,500 mm in length. The fixture is composed of a PC body for UV protection and PMMA body for anti-corrosion. It is highly energy-efficient and has a long lifespan.

Item # Power Dimensions CCT LEDs AC input
NSA68-5-60W 60W 1500*100*100 mm 4000K/5000K 384 200~240V / 100~277V
NSA68-5-50W 50W 1500*100*100 mm 4000K/5000K 336 200~240V / 100~277V
NSA68-4-40W 40W 1200*100*100 mm 4000K/5000K 240 200~240V / 100~277V
NSA68-2-30W 30W 600*100*100 mm 4000K/5000K 192 200~240V / 100~277V
NSA68-2-20W 20W 600*100*100 mm 4000K/5000K 120 200~240V / 100~277V