Finding the best LED parking lights for parking lots, corridors, warehouses, department stores, airports, factories, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. can be very challenging and time-consuming. NightSnipe makes it easy by putting all of the great features into the Aura fixture.
Things to consider when buying LED parking lights:

  • Appearance – does it appear clean and sleek?
  • Purpose – does it need to serve multiple functions?
  • Convenience – is the wiring mode conducive to easy installation and maintenance?
  • Durability – is the unit dust, water, and vapor proof?
  • Energy Efficiency – the lights should conserve energy and save money.

The answer to all of these is to choose the Aura LED TriProof light. It has a long lifespan and isĀ available in 0~10 V, TRIAC, and DALI dimming, can function as an emergency light and can be equipped with a motion sensor and/or Meanwell version. The fixture is primarily composed of a Poly Carbonate diffuser with an aluminum body.

Item # Power Dimensions CCT LEDs AC input
NS-8-100VT 100W 2400 x 94 x 69mm 4000K/5000K 624 200~240V / 100~277V
NS-4-50VT 50W 1500 x 94 x 69mm 4000K/5000K 312 200~240V / 100~277V
NS-4-40VT 40W 1200 x 94 x 69mm 4000K/5000K 260 200~240V / 100~277V
NS-2-20VT 20W 600 x 94 x 69mm 4000K/5000K 156 200~240V / 100~277V