In the past, conventional fluorescent lights were the best lighting solutions for many homes, offices, and other commercial settings.With the arrival of LED lighting this is no longer the case. LED technology has brought about superior lighting solutions in the form of LED tubes.

At NightSnipe Lighting, we have been offering LED tubes since 2010. Our LED tubes are designed for residential, commercial, industrial, and architectural lighting. The tubes come with a similar design to conventional fluorescent tubes but with improved benefits such as a longer lifespan, elimination of mercury and other toxic substances, give off no UV radiation, and reduce power consumption. LED tubes are available is several forms to fit your specific needs.

While LED tubes are highly effective in a wide variety of settings, they are highly beneficial in commercial and industrial spaces such as offices, parking garages and difficult to light outdoor spaces. Tubes are available in T8, T6,T5 LED or Batten, and K-Lens.


When you need two or more LED tubes to get the perfect illumination, you should consider an LED panel. LED panels contain two or even four tubes in each panel, replacing traditional grille lamps. Panels come in Slice, Smart, Intact, and Disc styles.

LED tri-proof light fixtures replace units like the typical T8. They are equipped with two LED tubes in each fixture and are perfect for lighting high ceiling areas like parking lots, warehouses, gymnasiums and workshops. The strong housing of the tri-proof light protects the LEDs from dirt and moisture increasing their durability. Tri-Proof options are Parkade, Rancher, Gauls, Alpha, and EcoMini. There is sure to be one to match your needs.