LED Highbay Light is an LED light fixture that revolutionizes the world of LED lighting. This innovative LED fixture offers a comprehensive solution and specific light pattern for large open spaces like warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing plants, supermarkets, auditoriums, department stores, recreating centers, and storage areas. It is primarily designed for 6- to 20-meter applications, with optional wattage from 60 to 200 Watts. It is energy-efficient and money-saving, saving up to 50% when compared to traditional light sources. It is environmental friendly as it is free from ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, HG, and thermal radiation.

To enhance productivity while  improving safety, LED Highbay Light is the best choice offering improved visibility and functionality. The material is comprised of frosted or clear optics and 6063 aluminum alloy. This is cutting edge compared to other conventional lighting, offering superior optical and electrical design in combination with lamp and ballast technology advancements.


  • CE, RoHs certified
  • Material: frosted / clear optics + 6063 AL
  • Variety of reflector: 25°, 60°, 110 °
  • Up to 125 lm/w
  • 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
  • 5-year warranty


Item Dimension Power Luminous Flux
NSHB-60W 545 x 545 x 230 mm 60 W 6600-7200 lm
NSHB-100W 545 x 545 x 250 mm 100 W 11000-12000 lm
NSHB-150W 545 x 545 x 280 mm 150 W 16500-18000 lm
NSHB-200W 545 x 545 x 330 mm 200 W 22000-24000 lm