Lucent Vapor Proof is the best LED solution for subway stations, parking garages, corridors, and warehouses. The reason for this is simple, it is designed for easy installation and maintenance to save time and effort and saves energy to be cost-efficient. There are a lot of fluorescents on the market making it difficult to choose. It is better to purchase the one that can also save up to 80% in energy consumption.

LED Lucent Vapor Proof can have multiple functions making it adaptable to your important projects. It is primarily composed of a PC diffuser and PC body, which helps in achieving an IP65 rating and being certified for CE, RoHs, and ERP. Lucent LED Vapor Proof is available in 0~10 V, TRIAC, and DALI.  It can be also be used as an emergency light, with motion sensor or Meanwell.

Item # Power Dimensions CCT LEDs AC input
NSL65-5-60W 60W 1560*120*85 mm 4000K/5000K 390 200~240V / 100~277V
NSL65-5-50W 50W 1560*120*85 mm 4000K/5000K 325 200~240V / 100~277V
NSL65-4-50W 50W 1260*120*85 mm 4000K/5000K 325 200~240V / 100~277V
NSL65-4-40W 40W 1260*120*85 mm 4000K/5000K 260 200~240V / 100~277V