Are you looking to improve the lighting of your commercial spaces? Consider replacing the troffer lights or fluorescent tubes with LED panel lights. With Aluminate LED Surface Panel Light, you can enjoy unmatched energy savings while making your premises more comfortable for everyone.

The Aluminate Series is one of the best LED panel lights on the market. Designed with a 6063# aluminum frame, it is a highly-durable panel light is not easily damaged during or after installation. It comes with powerful Sanan LED chips which guarantee you top performance.

The Aluminate Series LED panel lights are equipped with a non-flickering driver. They are energy efficient and available in two energy efficiency options: 100lm/w and 130lm/w. Other options available are dimming, non-dimming, and emergency functions. Standard features of this panel light include instant on/off function; CE, RoHS, ERP certified; no UV, no lead, and no Mercury.

The Aluminate Series is an LED panel light with springs which makes it ideal for recessed installation. It is perfect for use in places such as hospitals, offices, showrooms, exhibition rooms, malls and supermarkets,  and learning institutions.

Item # Power Dimensions CCT LEDs AC input
NSA-24-60W 60W 595*1195*11 mm 4000K/5000K 312 200~240V
NSA-24XL-50W 50W 620*620*11 mm 4000K/5000K 208 200~240V
NSA-24XL-40W 40W 620*620*11 mm 4000K/5000K 156 200~240V
NSA-24-50W 50W 595*595*11 mm 4000K/5000K 208 200~240V
NSA-24-40W 40W 595*595*11 mm 4000K/5000K 156 200~240V
NSA-12-40W 40W 295*1195*11 mm 4000K/5000K 260 200~240V
NSA-12-25W 25W 295*295*11 mm 4000K/5000K 78 200~240V
NSA-12-12W 12W 295*295*11 mm 4000K/5000K 78 200~240V